Eugene Chernyak accused of running an immoral business

Zaporizhzhya businessman Yevgeny Chernyak took part in the recording of the Russian YouTube program, where in a friendly conversation he discussed what a modern man should be.

In early March, the channel of the Russian blogger Ivan Utenkov released the next (as we understand) release of the show called “Sharp Languages”. The show was attended by Russian blogger, Russian journalist and Russian businessman Igor Rybakov, as well as Evgeny Chernyak, who, as it turned out, is quite popular in the Russian Federation. He is popular both as the head of a large vodka business and as a business speaker.

The topic of the conversation — what a real man should be like in modern realities, was divided into several subtopics, and the topics «about loyalty» and «about popularity» were also discussed. One of the subtopics turned out to be «very hot.»

Theme of honesty

“You must be responsible for what you broadcast,” Chernyak said. “So you’re ready to lie? — parried his opponent Igor Rybakov — that is, you just said that you should not speak, as you are, but should take care of how they hear you. ”

“This is a strange conclusion,” Chernyak answered.

“You say memorized phrases, you say the same thing in every interview …”, Rybakov concluded.

So the world of Russian business sees Evgeny Chernyak

“You speak as if written, you speak the same texts. Do you remember them? Can you say anything new? Therefore, a rich man from Ukraine who does immoral business, who says that business is needed and EBS 24/7 is who you are”?- Rybakov said, looking into his eyes,“ Yes, just say that you are spoiling it all. ” people, you solder them and earn on their misfortune! And that’s all. It will be true. ”

After that, an awkward silence fell in the studio

Then an awkward moment was hushed up, and the conversation returned to its previous course, however, in the comments the viewers split their opinions: someone wrote that it was Chernyak’s “black PR”, others admired that he knew how to hold the punch.

But the question arises for us — why did Eugene “swallow” such an open insult? Both businessmen are at approximately the same level of income. But now, as it turns out, Chernyak is scorned in Russia for his eyes. But they agree to communicate with him. And he agrees to swallow the insult. It turns out interestingly. Who bought whom, who sponsors and covers whom. Some questions.